DIGITAL channels of promotion and sales in China — a direct way to export your goods and services

We develop positioning strategies in key foreign markets and choose the most effective ways to implement them. Acting as a single hub for all our clients ‘ international communications, we help companies establish and develop relationships with foreign media, expert groups, and opinion leaders.

We work with social networks of brands, help to adapt existing content to the Chinese user and create a new one. We develop websites, launch effective advertising campaigns, collaborate with Chinese bloggers, and much more. 

EXPORT starts when you understand your customer

We determine the current perception of foreign products in China. We analyze the taste, packaging, competitive environment, and pricing. After passing the tests, the product gets a set of competitive characteristics and is modified to form the most favorable perception among potential target audiences.

Service packages

Convenient channels for getting information about your company and a convenient method of communication are the key to effective communication with target audiences.
The «online representation» package includes:
Online business card:
— landing page design
-writing texts in Chinese
-the admin panel of content management
-hosting in China for 12 months
-3 month  of the content update
Wechat account — official service account:
-the collection and translation of all required by Wechat documents to register an account on your your legal entity
-registration of the account, the official verification remuneration (100 USD)
-creating and filling Wechat menu sections with basic content
-a content plan for 2 months (ideas and content of Wechat posts in Chinese)
 Package price: 9800 USD

Are you thinking about developing sales in China, but do not know what prospects your product has in this market?
The complex of marketing research used by the CHINA SMM team in China in their work for three years already allows exporters to get answers to questions about the development of sales in China in a short time.
Desk research:
— Overview of the current market situation
— Competitive analysis
— Overview of sales channels and product promotion
– Recommendations for entering the Chinese market
Online survey:
— 1000 respondents in one province to choose from
— Research on consumer behavior in relation to the category
—Testing the name and design of the packaging
 Focus groups and interviews:
—2 focus groups with the target audiences of your products in Shanghai
+registration of your Trademark in China (logo+name, one ICGS class)

Price: 12700 USD


Do you need an inflow of new customers?
Do you have Weibo or Taobao accounts, but need assistance in promoting them?

Promotion in Weibo:
-selection of hashtags, targeting, selection of betting on clicks (PPC model)
-development of ads (5 options of the text and design for advertising posts)
 — 1 month of advertising
-support ads, bid and ads adjustments
-Conversion analytics, insights, and recommendations
Promotion in Taobao:
— sales setting
-customizing ads
-2 weeks  of advertising;
-adjustment during the advertising;
-statistics, conclusions, and recommendations.
Price: from 3 800 USD (the final cost depends on the product category)

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