Assistance in promoting products in China is the use of a variety of digital channels that are included in the communication portfolio of our clients. Among them are social media, the use of SMM tools, interacting with bloggers, and reputable media. We develop and implement online and offline communication campaigns based on the task.

The main task of digital consultants is to comprehensively analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on the Internet, as well as to develop new approaches to communication strategies based on personalization. Doing business with China via advanced digital tools enables two-way communication between our clients and their target audience here and now.


Market research in China allows you to create strategies for launching, promoting, and positioning brands, and to build a system of integrated communications. The company’s key business areas are SMM, event, digital PR, and content marketing. A platform is prepared for each of the directions, which is the key to business success.

Communication strategy
It is the creation of a brand strategy in the digital environment on a long-term basis. It is based on a competent goal setting or KPI calculation, competitive environment analysis, drawing up a portrait of the target audience, setting up targeting and developing a media-plan.
The main role in developing a plan to promote a product or service in China is assigned to the development of the main communication idea.

SMM in China
Social media marketing in China is an equally complex activity. It includes:
— development of the corporate identity for the design of Chinese social networks (Wechat Weibo YouKu TikTok);
— development of Tone Of Voice communication with Chinese target audiences;
— creating a strategy for interaction with Chinese bloggers and KOL, negotiation with them;
— advertising strategy in Chinese social networks and relevant media;
— determining the advertising budget (bids and keywords for Baidu, hashtags for Weibo, and so on).

The creative strategy
 Includes four components: conducting research on the Chinese market and the needs of Chinese consumers, determining the role of the brand, creating and implementing an engagement plan. Analysis of working with Chinese consumers and digital channels in China is an integral part of our offices in Moscow and Shanghai working in integrated companies and separately in each direction.

Digital marketing
Internet marketing in China with our assistance is based on research and building CJM of the Chinese consumer, in this way we contribute to the adoption of effective marketing decisions by client companies. Specialists from the Chinese and Russian offices working in this direction are responsible for setting up and maintaining contextual and targeted advertising in Chinese media.

Features of promotion in China suggest that both multi-channel media advertising campaigns and local digital promos can be effective. Regardless of your niche or goal, we help you achieve your KPI, ROI, and sales targets.

Maintaining and promoting
 Analytical data allows you to use all the features of Chinese Social media channels:

— targeting;
— Influence-marketing;
— viral strategies;
— working with negative reviews;
— community management.

Web analytics
Website promotion in China is based on enabling and configuring statistics and metrics counters for any tools involved in the promotion strategy.

Entering the Chinese market is possible with any of our strategies. By selecting only those instruments that can meet the needs of the target audience in these market conditions.
Today, advertising in China is similar to lotteries, because each new move can surprise you, make a discovery, or indicate an unexpected turn. This feature of marketing requires foresight, a well-established strategy, and the ability to act in new circumstances.


Our company runs corporate blogs in China and social networks of clients with the interests of the Chinese target audience, creating high-quality informational or viral content.
The company’s specialists manage the reputation of clients and interact with the media and journalists in China. As part of DIGITAL PR marketing, we effectively use messengers and social networks (Wechat and Weibo).
The key to the success of our clients is a timely, convenient, and targeted impact on the target audience of the PRC. The main goal is to increase the involvement of Chinese target groups, therefore, we speak the same language with the consumer. Internet business with China is based on the use of new methods of influence: animation, surveys, tests, commercials, and graphics.

Information audit
Chinese social networks and online media are a powerful marketing tool. Therefore, our company constantly monitors publications in Chinese digital channels that mention the brand.

Statistics show that Chinese consumers especially believe reviews left on the Internet. That’s why our team motivates customers to leave reviews of products/services and works with negative reviews from Chinese users, increasing the loyalty of the target audience.

Reputation management
We interact with potential clients and media in China, answer current questions from Chinese users, and give feedback, providing comprehensive information.

Creating an information flow
As a part of this direction, we create an information space in China around the brand, systematically introduce information, the experience of using the product, give advice, focusing on the difficult for Chinese consumers moments.

Reputation audit
Working with the reputation environment in China allows you to create a reputation environment around the brand that will have a beneficial effect on the trust of the target audience and the growth of the customer base.

Increasing brand awareness and the level of loyalty
Interaction with Chinese consumers and openness are the basis of loyalty and trust in the brand in China. RUSFAIR specialists from the Chinese office increase the engagement of the target audience by using master classes, launching question-and-answer s

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